En todo el planeta se están cociendo, como cada año, un montón de novedades. ¿Cuáles son tus favoritas?


Nuevos parques para 2011

  1. Happy Valley Wuhan, China - scheduled to open Fall, 2011 - including a Gravity Group racing wooden coaster
  2. World Joyland, China - scheduled to open March, 2011 - 3 coasters including a B&M Flying coaster and Maurer Sohne X-Car
  3. Rainbow Magicland, Italy - scheduled to open in 2011 - Maurer Sohne X-car, Maurer Sohne Xtended SC 3000, Vekoma mine train, Vekoma junior coaster
  4. Legoland Florida - scheduled to open October, 2011 - 3 re-themed Cypress Gardens coasters and LEGO Technic Test Track from Legoland Windsor
  5. Trans Studios Theme Park - Indonesia - includes a Premier Shuttle LIM

Nuevas atracciones 2011


  1. Alabama Adventure - Buzzsaw Falls (Splash Boat)
  2. Bay Beach - Zippin Pippin (formerly at Libertyland)
  3. Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Mach Tower (Drop Tower)
  4. Busch Gardens Tampa - Cheetah Hunt (Intamin launch coaster)
  5. Canada's Wonderland - Mondial Windseeker
  6. Canobie Lake - Untamed (compact Eurofighter)
  7. Cedar Point - Mondial Windseeker
  8. Disney Animal Kingdom - Wild Africa Trek
  9. Disneyland - Star Tours II
  10. Disney California Adventure - Little Mermaid dark ride
  11. Disney Hollywood Studios - Star Tours II
  12. Dollywood - Barnstormer, (S&S Screamin Swing)
  13. Dorney - kids area rethemed as Planet Snoopy
  14. Fun Spot USA - Galaxy Spin (formerly Galaxy Spin at Cypress Gardens)
  15. Holiday World - Safari Sam's Splashland - kid's waterpark area
  16. Idlewild - new wave pool for their Soak Zone waterpark
  17. Kings Island - Mondial Windseeker
  18. Knoebels - Black Diamond (formerly at Morey Piers)and Flying Turns?????
  19. Knotts Berry Farm - Mondial Windseeker
  20. Lagoon - Bombora family coaster
  21. Lake Compounce - Revolution (Mega Disk-O that will replace the Rotor)
  22. Luna Park expands with the opening of Scream Zone (Steeplechase Coaster (Zamperla MotoCoaster), Soaring Ealge (Zamperla Volare), reverse slingshot and double deck go-kart track)
  23. Martin's Fantasy Island -MindWarp (Technical Park Loop Fighter) also Devil's Hole to be replace Gravitron
  24. Michigan Adventures - interactive waterplay structure
  25. Morey Piers - KMG Fireball
  26. Quassy - Wooden Warrior (Gravity Group family woodie)
  27. Sea World San Antonio - kid's area (Sesame Street Bay of Play)
  28. Seabreeze - New Zamperla Tea Cups to replace 50+ year old Crazy Cups
  29. Sea World San Diego - Riptide Rescue (Huss Airboat?)
  30. Silver Dollar City - New kids area "Half Dollar Holler"
  31. Silverwood - Frog Hopper and S&S mini Swing
  32. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Star Flyer (Sky Screamer)
  33. Six Flags Great Adventure - Green Lantern (Chang from SFKK)
  34. Six Flags Great America - Hurricane Harbor expansion
  35. Six Flags Magic Mountain - Green Lantern (Intamin Zac Spin), Roller Skater (formerly at SFNO), Superman: The Escape transformation into Superman:Escape from Krypton
  36. Six Flags New England - Wild Mouse themed to Green Lantern (formerly at SFKK)
  37. Six Flags over Georgia - Dare Devil Dive (Gertslauer Eurofighter)
  38. Six Flags Over Texas - Texas Giant conversion from wood to steel
  39. Six Flags St. Louis - Skyscreamer (Star Flyer)
  40. Valleyfair - kids area rethemed to Planet Snoopy
  41. Waldameer - Flying Carousel (Wave Swinger)
  42. Worlds of Fun - restored Antique Carousel (previously at Geauga Lake) and kids area rethemed as Planet Snoopy


  1. Adventure Island - Zamperla family coaster
  2. Bayern Park - Freischutz (Maurer Sohne Launched X-Car Coaster)
  3. Bobbejaanland - Dizz (Maurer Sohne Spinner), Spongebob's Splash Bash (Mack Splash Battle)
  4. Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Nickeloden Land
  5. Brean Leisure Park - Astro Storm (formerly Space Invader at Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
  6. Drayton Manor - Ben 10 Ultimate Alen (Junior Vekoma)
  7. Djurs Sommerland - Skatteøen - (Mack Water Coaster)
  8. Freizeitpark Plohn - Family Coaster
  9. Gardaland - X-Raptor (B&M prototype)
  10. Grona Lund - Twister (Gravity Group Woodie) and Ghost Train retheme
  11. Hansa Park - Die Schlange von Midgard( Family coaster with a Viking theme)
  12. Heide Park - Krake (B&M Dive Coaster)
  13. Liseberg - Atmosfear (Observation Tower being converted to an Intamin Gyro Drop)
  14. Lightwater Valley - Vekoma Whirlwind (formerly at Sarkanniemi)
  15. Linnanmaki - Ukko (Maurer Sohne X-Car SkyLoop)
  16. Mer de Sable - Wild Mouse "La Mine Bleue" (formerly at Compagnie des Alpes)
  17. Mirabilandia - Master Thai (Family Coaster)
  18. Movie Park Germany - Indoor coaster from Gertslauer
  19. Phantasialand - Wave Swinger, Maus au Chocolat (dark ride has been announced, but no details)
  20. Plopsaland - Mayaland - a new themed area
  21. PortAventura - new's Sesame Street themed children's area
  22. Plopsa Coo - Spinning Coaster
  23. Thorpe Park - Spinning Raft Ride (formerly Storm Surge at Cypress Gardens)
  24. Walibi World - Via Volta to re-open
  25. Walygator Parc - Mack Wild Mouse (formerly at Expoland)



  1. China Dinosaur Park - S&S 4D coaster
  2. Happy Valley Szenzhen - Shangria La Snowfield (S&S Launched)
  3. Hong Kong Disneyland - Toy Story Land
  4. Jin Jiang - Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang
  5. Knight Valley Szenzhen - GCI woodie, 2 Maurer Sohne X-Cars, one LSM the other is a Sky Loop
  6. Ocean Park - Arctic Blast (Mack Powered Coaster)
  7. Tokyo Disney Seas - Jasmine's Flying Carpets
  8. Universal Studios Singapore - Transformers: The RidePremier Shuttle LIM