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Benidorm, Alacant, España

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"Fun day at the park"

7.5 karingexcalibur

I took my 11 year old nephew to the Park and we had a great day. Due to his age, we seleted only easier of the attractions but we still had a lot to do during half a day we spent there. We liked the variety, small or no lines, the quality and the staff. The food was good and reasonably priced.
What I didnt realize and I did not like at all was that the Terra Mitica video on YouTube showed attractions from both Iberia Park and Terra Mitica. We didnt know we were aupposed to buy two tickets to see all those attractions and I found it highly misleading and inappropriate that our ticket didnt allow us to see both as we loved some of the Iberia attractions. This shouls be fixed in the future.
Also, the staff spoke no or very little English, which was a shame as there are a lot of tourists and the staff should be able to asnwer simple questions.
Moreover, you should allow to py with the cards for all of the attractions including the lockers. We didnt know we were supposed to have cash, so we missed on some opportunities.
Overall, a gold experience though, we will be back next year.

¿Algo excelente? Water attractions

¿Algo a mejorar? Payments with cards, combined tickets to Iberia and Mitica, staff should speak English

Recomendaciones: Jacuzzi. Toboggan. Merry go round



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