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Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, España


"Terrible experience at this awful park"

1.0 barbararoncato

It started when we bought the tickets online and only after buying them, the email that we received said that their FREE bus from Barcelona to Illa Fantasia was not included because we bought a promotional ticket (2 adults for 33€). We got at the park and had to pay 10€ because we didn't have the online tickets printed, we only had them on our phones. They never really printed the tickets. The staff at the admission simply copied the ticket number DIRECTLY FROM OUR PHONE into their system. Also, we never really saw them printing anything.
Everything else is paid, 6€ + 2€ deposit for a locker, 4€ for sunbeds and loads of closed slides so overall is very expensive.
We found the staff extemely rude, unprepared and not polite at all even with children. We accepted all that and decided to have fun anyway until my friend got hurt sliding down the Zig Zag.He had an hematoma bruise on his left ankle, multiple scratches on his back and a deep cut on his right ankle, which had to be sitched out on site.
When he left the pool, there was blood coming out from his cut. The girl watching the attraction, which had an "S.O.S" shirt on, went for help but she couldn't find anyone so she just told my friend to walk with her to the infirmary. We are talking about crossing the park while his leg was bleeding, leaving a trace of blood on his way and allowing other people to get down the slide risking someone else to get hurt.
The doctor at the Infirmary was really nice and helpful. After she completed the stiches, my friend was feeling a bit better and we decided to leave the park. We fill a sheet to explain what happened and until here everything was fine but my friend felt sick and had to sit down.
We asked if they could get us a taxi to the train station (which is 10min away from the park) but they said we could get their shuttle bus that takes the visitors to the station, which was fine, we only asked if they could guarantee him a place to sit.
That's when it started. One of the main Staff, said that it didn't justify that my friend was feeling that way because his injuries weren't that bad. We were shocked that he said that because he is no doctor to state something like that. My friend had to sit down and another medical staff came to assist him. He mesured his blood pressure and it was high. They told him to sit there for another 5/10minutes. While we were waiting the same guy started to laugh and said that "6 stiches weren't much" and that my friend barely lost any blood. We tried to tell him that 1 stich is a lot when you have paid to have fun and be safe at their park! He kept laughing saying that it wasn't much. That made us really angry. This same guy got really upset and left the park, throwing his cigarette on the floor (yes, he was smoking) and started to shout and point at us to another staff member. A few minutes later, a woman (which I believe she was security? She never showed us any identification) approached us and very rudely said that they have called an ambulance and the police and told us to be prepared to pay 300€ for the ambulance and 300€ for the police. We were shocked again. All we were doing was waiting for our friend to feel better so he could get up. We said that we didn't call or needed any ambulance, specially not the police as we haven't done anything. She continued to shout at us and started to close the park entrance. The whole situation got out of control and then another member of the staff came to us and he was a bit more reasonable. He said they needed our friend's ID to fill another report. So we went back to the infirmary to fill this while our friend was sitting on the floor of the entrance. It turned out that the guy tricked us and they were actually completing the info they need to call an ambulance. Again, we were speechless and left. It is illegal to ask for someone's ID and act on their behalf against their will. They really mistreated us, visitors that were paying to be in the Park and due to their poor maintance got hurt.

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