We're excited to announce that Alton Towers Resort is set to open the first ever CBeebies Land Hotel! Opening in 2017, the hotel will be bursting with music, stories and adventures. The colourful world of the CBeebies Land Hotel will be home to unrivalled family entertainment, perfectly complementing CBeebies Land, all day every day. The fantastically themed hotel bedrooms will feature the CBeebies Bugbies, Something Special, Swashbuckle and more to be announced. There will be nowhere else like it!

En 2017, Alton Towers abrirá el hotel CBeebies Land Hotel. será un hotel lleno de música, historias y aventuras, que se complementará perfectamente con el área CBeebies Land. Las habitaciones estarán tematizadas destacando CBeebies Bugbies, Something Special y Swashbuckle, y más que será anunciado!

Sitio web oficialhttps://www.altontowers.com/2017