Hola chicos!!! Hoy, me he encontrado mirando mi facebook una noticia de los juegos del hambre. Esa noticia es principalmente de que harán en 2016 un nuevo musical, en Londres, de esta saga. Pero al final de todo el articulo pone que Lionsgate está considerando de hacer un nuevo parque temático de Los juegos del hambre. Yo soy un fanático de estos juegos, y ya me estoy imaginando de cómo podría ser este parque temático si al final lo construyeran (cada área podría ser un distrito...), pero no sé. Aquí os adjunto el artículo.

First a bestselling book series, then a wildly popular movie franchise and now, a Hunger Games stage show has been announced for 2016.The theatre adaptation of Suzanne Collins' dystopian novels is due to arrive in London at a new purpose-built venue next to Wembley Stadium.Lionsgate, Imagine Nation and Triangular Entertainment are collaborating on the production, which will be a musical.Tony Award winner Robin de Levita is "thrilled" to be co-producing the live theatrical experience, alongside UK promoter Harvey Goldsmith and others."The theatre is a fantastic medium to bring the many meaningful layers of Suzanne Collins' writing to life," he said.The first two Hunger Games films have grossed more than $1.5 billion worldwide, with third instalment Mockingjay Part 1 due to hit cinemas on 21 November. The fourth and final movie,Mockingjay Part 2 will follow in November 2015.Directed by Francis Lawrence, the films star Jennifer Lawrenceas Katniss Everdeen, the kickass heroine who rebels against the oppression of the Capitol.Lionsgate is also believed to be considering a Hunger Games theme park among other possible business ventures.


¿Vosotros qué creeis?? ¿Y... qué quereis??