I wanted to start a blog about RingRacer because it is Europe's fastest but also Europe's (if not) the world's most special coaster!

RingRacer had to open in 2009 and supposed to go 217km/h!!!

After some testlaunches the airtunnel of the launch exploded! so it can't open.

After they repared the launch it was already 2010 and then RingWerk (the park where RingRacer is located) is bankrupt.

So also 2010 it didn't open.

In 2011 RingWerk has a new owner and wanted to open RingRacer but it didn't reach the topspeed of 217km/h and the airtunnel did exploded again!! So no RingRacer for 2011.

And yes... ofcourse RingWerk bankrupted again!!!!! So 2012 no RingRacer :(

Finally in 2013 it has a new owner wich wanted to open RingRacer and there were good testrides and it opened in november 2013!!

It doesn't reach the topspeed now because the new owner don't want problems with the launch again.


Now my view about the rollercoaster.

The second day it was open somebody asked me to go to the RingRacer!!

My answer was: YES! OFCOURSE! And so we go to the one and only RingRacer!

And then we saw for the first time... the RingRacer :o

We go inside the RingWerk and buy our ticket, we walked to the entrance.

After 10 minutes it opened, we were inside the sead, closed our lapbar and then it drives out of the station, first some mouseturns and then.......................... The launch :o

And my heart was beating like crazy, I can't say anything.

Red, Red, Red, Red....... GREEN.

And that launch.... O MY FUCKING GOD 168km/h in 1.8 seconds, really O MY FUCKING GOD, I can't say it with words how it felt.

Then a high helix that felt like the helix of Shambhala and then 500 meters driving with 120km/h inside the building, a S turn and then the brakes....

It was PERFECT!!