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Parc Asterix is working on new theme area for 25th birthday

For its 25th anniversary next year, builds a Idefix Asterix attraction in a new theme area.

Next year the French Asterix blows out 25 candles and that includes a new attraction. Currently still working in secret and all, the project is still in draft form. Yet light general manager of the park, Pascal Fliche already a corner of the veil in a report of France5.

That Parc Asterix wants to promote a great novelty for its 25th anniversary in 2014, has been known for a while. But what exactly is that novelty, is still a mystery. Pascal Fliche, dircteur of the park, or already gave away that it was going to be a new theme area. Fliche told in a report of the program C'est notre affaire even the new zone will be themed after the famous dog from the French film history: Idefix.

Last year opened Parc Asterix even a new themed area and made ​​the largest investment in its history. Then even The amusement park when invested 20 million euros in the thematic area of Egypt. That investment led to an increase in the number of visitors with 200,000 visitors.


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