La página de acaba de sacar nueva actualización en la cual destaca un screenshot del editor del futuro programa.

Here is an uncomplete list of features you see in the screenshots.

-Dive Coaster station platform (fully animated)

-Hidden track (can be used for all kind of effects, including special mainenance tracks)

-4D Coaster bogie and car (insane detail)

-4D Coaster prefabsOptional railing lights (the color can be customized)

-Station lights (will switch on/off depending on time of day)

-Improved older coaster styles (higher detail of wheels etc.)

-Vertical rotation switch track (shifting switches are available, too)

-Graphical user interface of editor (OS independet GUI, tab based work flow)

-Multiple viewports in editor (optional)

-G-Force comb in editor (updates in realtime, works similar as radius comb)

-Track nodes (position, roll and segment border nodes are independent from each other)

Here is some information about the product and release.

-This is no game anymore, we are targetting realism

-There will be different licenses (standard and pro)

-Pro license will contain additional features for high quality video export and screenshots

-Windows XP is required, Windows Vista/7/8 or newer recommended

-Renderer uses Direct 9.0c in Windows version and OpenGL for other OSs

-Renderer requires ShaderModel 3.0 graphics hardware with at least 256MB VRAM

-Initially there will be a version for Windows only, Mac version is planned for next year

-2 GB RAM recommended.

-Fast graphics hardware highly recommended (seriously)

-Will make use of multi core CPU, 2 or more cores highly recommended

-Release will be this year, probably not before begin of November, we will keep you informed

-Price not decided yet, will be around $45 for standard license

-Price for pro license not decided yet, will be around $100

-There will be discounts for NL1 customers, amount is not decided yet

-Since NL2 is way more professional and complex, we might continue to offer NL1

-It will be offered over the internet as download only, no CD version

-There will be lots of free updates that will add new features

-Download size will be around 500MB

Now back to work, I need to finish the control panel and write some tutorials and help files. I will keep you informed as soon as I have more details about the release. Please do not offer your help for beta testing. There will be no public beta test. [ol]



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