De todos es sabido que B&M nunca ha sido una empresa muy innovadora que digamos. Por el contrario, la empresa suiza siempre se ha mostrado muy conservadora a la hora de incorporar novedades en sus coasters. Sin embargo, a raiz de la última incorporación a la parrilla de coasters personales, las Wings Riders, el mundo coasteril se pregunta cuál será el siguiente paso de la empresa a realizar en cuanto a nuevos diseños. La respuesta quizás se responda en esta escueta entrada (ojo, solo son rumores) de la página Screamscape:

"I haven't heard much about this in some time, but I did get an e-mail this afternoon reminding me that B&M are still working on new exciting coaster projects. With the full scale international launch of their Wing Coaster design now behind us, I was reminded that they are still hoping to evolve the Wing Coaster design into their very own version of a 4th Dimension coaster style attraction, with rotating seats. Don't look for this to happen next year, and maybe not even the year after that... but from what I'm hearing, they are working on it.

  Of course, this leads me to wonder about the other new B&M concept that we have yet to see or hear anything about in some time... the launched coaster. I had heard on good authority that B&M was indeed ready to start building launched coaster layouts and had come up with their own new launch system they were comfortable with.  If I had to guess, I think we could see a launched B&M before we see the 4th Dimension. However, for either design, there has to be a buyer willing to take a risk and be the first to build one."


¿Qué os parece? ¿Os imagináis como será la primera 4th dimension coaster de B&M? ¿O la primera launched de B&M? Ya sabéis, la empresa está esperando a un parque-conejo de indias para hacer sus experimentos. ¿Quien se apunta?

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