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Nueva update Nolimits 2

13-10-2013 Publicado por egiptologo

La página de acaba de sacar nueva actualización en la cual destaca un screenshot del editor del futuro programa.

Here is an uncomplete list of features you see in the screenshots.

-Dive Coaster station platform (fully animated)

-Hidden track (can be used for all kind of effects, including special mainenance tracks)

-4D Coaster bogie and car (insane detail)

-4D Coaster prefabsOptional railing lights (the color can be customized)

-Station lights (will switch on/off depending on time of day)

-Improved older coaster styles (higher detail of wheels etc.)

-Vertical rotation switch track (shifting switches are available, too)

-Graphical user interface of editor (OS independet GUI, tab based work flow)

-Multiple viewports in editor (optional)

-G-Force comb in editor (updates in realtime, works similar as radius comb)

-Track nodes (position, roll and segment border nodes are independent from each other)

Here is some information about the product and release.

-This is no game anymore, we are targetting realism

-There will be different licenses (standard and pro)

-Pro license will contain additional features for high quality video export and screenshots

-Windows XP is required, Windows Vista/7/8 or newer recommended

-Renderer uses Direct 9.0c in Windows version and OpenGL for other OSs

-Renderer requires ShaderModel 3.0 graphics hardware with at least 256MB VRAM

-Initially there will be a version for Windows only, Mac version is planned for next year

-2 GB RAM recommended.

-Fast graphics hardware highly recommended (seriously)

-Will make use of multi core CPU, 2 or more cores highly recommended

-Release will be this year, probably not before begin of November, we will keep you informed

-Price not decided yet, will be around $45 for standard license

-Price for pro license not decided yet, will be around $100

-There will be discounts for NL1 customers, amount is not decided yet

-Since NL2 is way more professional and complex, we might continue to offer NL1

-It will be offered over the internet as download only, no CD version

-There will be lots of free updates that will add new features

-Download size will be around 500MB

Now back to work, I need to finish the control panel and write some tutorials and help files. I will keep you informed as soon as I have more details about the release. Please do not offer your help for beta testing. There will be no public beta test. [ol]



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