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Nolimits 2 - Nuevos screenshots y video.

24-12-2012 Publicado por egiptologo

Pues después de medio año sin noticias, hoy por fin ha habido una atualización de la página

What you see on the screenshots above: Radius comb in editor before and after hand smoothing, catwalks and rusty track, improved shadows for objects close to viewer, switch tracks for dual stations, 4D track.

The radius comb is a very powerfull tool for hand smoothing out a track, the blue points control the track spline and the green discs are roll points that control the banking. Both points are completely independent from each other and allow very flexible editing. The new catwalks can be added to every piece of track. In NL1, they were limited to brakes, lift and transport sections. The improved shadows are more blurry and look more realistic. The special switch tracks were added to make dual stations, they can also be used for other applications such as storage tracks. The 4D track is quite detailed, please notice that the position of the extra rails that control the 4D rotation will vary along the track depending on the 4D rotation angle. And last but not least: It is done when it is done, it is that simple. There is not much left to do, I am working on the station building right now. I need to transfer a couple of older coaster styles to NL2 yet, and there is some small stuff to be done like creating the manual etc. Since this will be a completely new software product that has not much in common with NL1, basically everything is different, it will not be a simple update. Releasing the product requires more planning, so I cannot give you a release date at this point, even if it would be done right now.


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